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Some of the Bigfoot User Family

"I use the Big Foot Yowie Deluxe and it's simply the best sounding stomp box out there! The sound is full, deep and rich and I can no longer do an acoustic show without it!"

- Brendan Allen

Hey Peter!! I LOVE it!!! I've only just been messing around at home with a little amp learning all my songs and it wasn't till last weekend when I went on a run with Bill Chambers that I tried it out on stage for the first time. I'm slowly getting better and used to it and just love having it.


"Hi Peter, I received the Yowie a few days ago. That's a piece of art. Really beautiful! I was about to clean my home that day, which still hasnít happened. Instead I plugged in my sound system and played. Sounds fantastic! [Click for Lovisa's Video!]

Lovisa Stahl - Sweden.

My six year old Bigfoot stompy is "looking a little worse for wear but still doing good after 10 million stomps (give or take a million)"

Brian Fraser

"Having a Big Foot has completely changed my live performance. It takes very little to EQ and it works well in both intimate settings or on big stages. I thoroughly recommend this piece of kit."


"People often come up to the stage afterwards and say "where did that lovely kick drum sound come from??" I say "that was my BIGFOOT stomp pedal, made by my friend Peter in Byron Bay, Australia. I show them my custom made pedal and they always remark on the beautiful wood finish. Share the love I say and of course the best stomp box in the world!"

Kim Halliday [Pacific Curls]


Thank you again so much for our lovely custom stompbox. We love it so much and use it every show we play! We also get tons of questions about it and we always talk about how great you are and well-made your products are :)


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